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Get Government Jobs Astrology Report according to your Horoscope by renowned astrologers. This report will answer whether you will i get government job in. At the centre, if the moon, Brihaspati is together, then in that situation, good yoga becomes possible for the government job. Simultaneously, if the moon and. After consulting an expert astrologer you can wear Ruby gemstone. If you want a government job in the finance or banking sector, offer water to Lord sun mixed. Astrology Tips to attract Government Jobs · Worship Lord Sun by sitting or standing close to the sun for some time. · You can also wear a red gem, such as a. 11th House: It denotes Desires, hopes, aspirations & their realization. lord. native is not likely to stick to one job. Sublord it indicates private job.

When 6H lord is sitting in 10H. Another curious case is people's questions on "government jobs". The government job or even a political career. Now I will give you a step by step guide to Know presence of Government job Yog in Kundli. · 1. The Lagna Lord should be strong and if it is placed in 1, 10, 9. The Dasha of Sun, Moon or Mars promises Government but a person can get a job in any dasha if the dasha lord is strong. Dasha of 9th Lord, 10th Lord, and 6th. Samridhi Enterprises offering Government Job Astrology Services in Mumbai, Maharashtra at Rs /person. Get best price, read reviews and find contact. Position of Sun and Mars. The Position of Sun and Mars in 10th households is a supreme position favorable for a Government job. For the ninth house, the Sun. If you have the right knowledge, EXACT predictions can be made. Astrology is an incredible tool for guidance and one should take note of the energies of. The houses of secondary importance with respect to govt jobs are the fifth and the ninth houses in the natal chart. Check the fifth house for. At the centre, if the moon, Brihaspati is together, then in that situation, good yoga becomes possible for the government job. Simultaneously, if the moon and.

# Observation ‌ – Saturn is the karaka for occupation, generally Saturn gives occupation in relation with the associated houses or planets. In this chart Saturn. Astrological guidelines to Secure Government Jobs. Securing a government job is one of the most common ambitions of the middle class and lower middle class. So, if you are looking for a government job, then the placement of the Sun in your Birth Chart needs to be checked. If the Sun is placed in its strong Signs –. The basic significator of government job is Sun. In astrology, sun is related to authority, power, fame name, politics and all subjects related to government. A. Is a government job in your horoscope? · Sun has its placement in the 10th house (Sun in 12th house government job). · Sun has its placement in. Many people approach astrology for knowing “Government job Yog in my Kundli ”. And many might wonder why is a government job a dream for many but the. A level government office is a senior-most bureaucrat with a high pay scale, countless perks, and utmost job security. To attain this position, the position of. r/astrology icon. Go to astrology. r Is it true that business-people, people in government Steve Jobs also was Into Hinduism, I think. Dr. Bajrangi is a well-known astrologer who deals in all the branches of astrology, e.g. career, marriage, divorce, business, and health. He is capable of.

Sun: Sun is the most important planet to be watched for government job. But never forget that Sun also represents job or career having link with. But understand these are just principles, effective use of which can be done only by able astrologers. The Navagrahas/planets all influence an individual in. Aligning your energies for success in securing a government job through astrology? Explore personalized remedies tailored to enhance your prospects and. Government Job Yoga is a concept in Vedic astrology. This refers to precise astrological configurations that imply a prosperous career in government. If you.

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