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Coal mining seems dangerous enough, but there was another even more dangerous job for children in the Victorian Era, and that job was to be a chimney sweep . The Victorian maid only got 1 shilling a week! Do you think you could survive by yourself on £? Page 3. Job Title: Chimney Sweep. Hours: Sun rise to sun. Chimney Sweepers Song. During the Industrial Revolution, children of Great Britain (usually between ages four and eight) were trained to sweep. KS2 History - The Victorians. Find out about the life of a young Victorian child working as a chimney-sweep. BBC School Radio. BBC Teach. The chimney systems were fairly complicated to navigate in big brownstones and took some time to finish up the job. Sometimes the owners would.

So, you read the title and you thinking that chimney sweeps are a jolly bunch and bad news is not part of the job description, right? Wrong! The number one job. This was the fourth of six Acts regulating the work of chimney sweepers. 7 Chimney Sweepers entering Houses to sweep Chimneys Victoria (Chapter Eighty-Five). Master Sweeps took in homeless young boys or bought young children from orphanages or from destitute parents; and the children were supposedly chimney sweep. Worst jobs during the Victorian Era: Why did we used to have chimney sweeps? - Fun Kids - the UK's children's radio station ( · Chimney-sweeps -. Victorian Chimney Sweep Cartoon #1 · Intern of yesteryear · Two Chimney Sweeps. · "Down there, by the coffee room you've got a bad case of summer intern. From , master chimney sweeps regularly kept anywhere from 2 to 20 children, depending on how many they could use for their business. For each child, the. With the increased use of coal, chimney sweeps became a symbol not only of a good hearth but also of good health, since they restored clean air in homes. Victorian Chimney Sweep Facts for Kids · Children were used as chimney sweeps because they could fit up the narrow chimneys much more easily than adults. · Some. LONDON CHIMNEY SWEEP about Stock Photo · AWE2T1 Cabinet photograph of chimney sweep circa Stock Photo · Victorian child chimneysweep, chimney sweep.

A young boy was traditionally purchased from his poverty-stricken parents by a master sweep. CS: Did chimney sweeps get paid for their work? The children. Children who worked as sweeps rarely lived past middle age. Child chimney sweeps were required to crawl through chimneys which were only about 18 inches wide. Being a chimney sweep in the Victorian era was a poor existence for many children who were required to clean chimneys for a living. Jobs in Victorian times were carried out by all sorts of people. During Queen Victoria's reign, child labour was very common. From chimney sweeps to factory. A chimney sweep is a person who inspects then clears soot and creosote from chimneys. The chimney uses the pressure difference caused by a hot column of gas. Cleaning the chimneys of a large house would be a long and tiring job. Master sweeps could earn considerable amounts of money for the work, but their. In the early s, as Parliament became more preoccupied generally with the exploitation of child labour, the Chimney Sweeps Act was passed in outlawing. Chimney sweeping was a dangerous job that required children to climb up narrow and dirty chimneys to clean them. · During the Victorian Era in England, child. Chimney sweeping was a job children could do better than adults. Small boys (starting at the age of 5 or 6 years) would be sent scrambling up inside the chimney.

Click here to find out more about Victorian jobs! A chimney sweep uses brushes and sticks to dislodge and sweep away the soot from the walls of the chimney. Worst Jobs During The Victorian Era: Why Did We Used To Have Chimney Sweeps? Fun Kids The UK's Children's Radio Station | Chimney Sweep. Home jobs were usually apprenticing, chimney sweeping, domestic servants, and assistants to a family business. Chimney sweeping was extremely dangerous and. Chimney sweeps who clean ash and soot from chimneys were common during Great Britain's Victorian Era. A master sweep would buy orphans and.

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